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Update to the latest software.

Optimize your settings.

Enable Low Power Mode.

Use Original Charger

When replacing the battery, make sure there is at least 1GB of space on the phone to avoid being completely locked out and unable to open it again unless the data is completely erased.

If your phone or iPad goes into the water, don’t open it or even turn the power on. Instead, take it somewhere qualified to get it fixed.

– On the phone, go to Settings
– Select accounts and passwords
– Select Subscribed calendars.
– Choose the subscription you want to cancel, then click Delete Account or Remove Account to remove it permanently.

  • Check compatibility
  • Make a backup
  • Free up space

To upgrade to macOS Ventura, choose Apple menu  > System Preferences, then click Software Update.

Go to Settings.
Tap your name > Password & Security > Change Password.
Follow the onscreen instructions to reset your password.
Change your password in Settings on iPhone
You can also follow this process on a trusted iPad, iPod touch, or Apple Watch.

To reset your password on your trusted Mac, choose Apple menu  > System Settings (or System Preferences) > Sign in with your Apple ID (or Apple ID). Then click Password & Security, Change Password, and follow the onscreen instructions.

To identify the model of iPad you have, use the model number. There are two ways to find the model number:
– Take a look at your iPad’s back.
– Click Settings, select General, and then select About. Look in the top portion for the model number. The part number is indicated by a slash “/” in the number; an example would be MY3K2LL/A. To uncover the model number, which has a letter followed by four numbers but no slash, tap the part number (for example, A2342).

The most recent watchOS version is available straight from your Apple Watch or through an iPhone update.

Check the compatibility of your Apple Watch.
Make sure your Apple Watch is compatible with the most recent software first. These Apple Watch models work with watchOS 9:

Updates to watchOS 9 also require one of the following iPhone models: Apple Watch Series 4 and later Apple Watch Ultra and Apple Watch SE (1st generation)

iPhone 8 and newer running iOS 16
iOS 16 requires iPhone SE or later models.
Software Update will display the most recent watchOS version that your Apple Watch can utilise if it isn’t compatible with the most recent version.