How to Buy a Used iPhone

How to Buy a Used iPhone Without Worrying About Defects

Thinking about buying a used iPhone but worried it might have defects? Here are some simple tips to ensure the iPhone is 100% functional. Here’s how to buy a used iPhone with confidence.

– The Box: Having the original box helps protect your rights and avoids many potential issues. If buying from a trusted store, make sure the receipt includes the serial number and other device details. If buying from an individual, get a written agreement.

– Key Elements to Check:

  • Screen
  • Back
  • Ports
  • Buttons
  • Speakers

– SIM Tray: Ensure the SIM tray matches the device’s serial number.

– Device Condition: Check for bends or scratches. Look for clear or significant scratches rather than normal wear and tear.

Screen Inspection:

  • Increase the brightness and use a completely white image to check for yellow spots, discoloration at the edges, or dark areas. Repeat this with a black image.

Touch Inspection:

  • Open the keyboard and test all keys.
  • Try swiping from all edges.
  • Perform random swipes across the screen.

Sound Inspection:

  • Ensure all speakers work without issues.
  • Check for any cleaning-related damage.
  • Make a call to test the call speaker and microphone.
  • From iPhone 7 onwards, ensure the call speaker also works with music.

Battery Inspection:

  • While the battery health percentage is important, also test the battery performance. Play high-quality videos and record high-quality videos, monitoring the battery percentage to see if it drops naturally or excessively.

iCloud Check:

  • Ensure the previous owner’s iCloud account is removed and the device is formatted. If there’s no iCloud account, format the device to ensure it’s not in bypass mode.

⚠️ There are many steps to ensure the device is 100% functional. Some steps may seem obvious, while others might be new to you. Remembering all these steps when buying can be challenging.

That’s why at Mackintosh, we offer a device inspection service. We’ll tell you if the device has any defects or if it’s in perfect condition, all done within minutes by highly trained engineers. You’ll also receive a detailed report on the device’s condition.